A Day at the Track

Thursday was Mr. Bill Warnke’s 90th birthday. His daughter Lisa visiting from out of town joined him and 7 other resident guests and 4 staff members in our Mercedes Benz Sprinter on a trip to one of his favorite places: Gulfstream Park. We spent a winning afternoon in the casino sharing in Mr. Warnke’s good fortune and luck.


Mr. Bill Warnke shared his birthday cake and favorite lunch of pizza with Bay Oaks resident guests and his daughter Lisa and brother Neal.


Jaxson’s Ice Cream Re-Treat

It’s the hot, hot summertime, and that’s when we like to head up to Dania Beach and have some ice cream sundaes at Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlour and Restaurant. The trip has been a Bay Oaks tradition, just as Jaxson’s has been a tradition since 1956.

Everybody’s getting ready to tuck in.


Foreground: Mr. Luiz Melo and Ms. Anita Leon


Everyone extends a special “thank you” to our benefactor Mr. Luiz Melo for treating us to our sundaes.

Forever Fitness class presented trophies to the Oaksters

Roy leading Forever Fitness (640x590)Forever Fitness Class punching (610x640)

Roy Garner leads the Oaksters every Friday in the Forever Fitness class in the Summer House.

Forever Fitness class (640x395)Granny Nannies has sponsored Forever Fitness at Bay Oaks for the last 2 1/2 years. This month owner Meghan Phelan Goicouria  (photo below, right with Ms. Cottle) presented our resident guests with trophies for their participation. 

Claude with trophy Forever Fitness (480x640)Ms Cottle with Forever Fitness trophy (630x640)

Resident Activity Corner – August 14, 2009

Our trip to the Bill Baggs State Park on Cape Florida on Friday, August 14th was an unexpected thrill for us all.

Bay Oaks Home resident guests out for a bike ride

Bay Oaks Home resident guests out for a bike ride

The day was a bit hot, yet windy at the Lighthouse Point, which was our starting point of this adventure.

Our trip organizer, Sofie Geckler, rented four (4)-four passenger canopy bikes for our winding journey under the canopy of trees.

This beautiful, well-designed park has entertainment for young, old and everyone else in between.  As we journeyed along the winding tree-lined paths, we encountered other adventurers fishing on piers overlooking the bay.  This beautiful, tranquil scenery with its glass-like lapping waters and blue skies make us proud and happy to be a part of South Florida.

Further on, we came to the Seafood Grill Restaurant and stopped for lunch and much needed rest and relaxation on the veranda overlooking the bay.  The veranda with its overhead fans was a scene from the pages of South Florida Heaven.

As we ate, some of the group wished they had brought along their bathing suits for a quick dip, to cool off from the summer heat. 

Bay Oaks Home resident guests out for lunch

Bay Oaks Home resident guests out for lunch

Finally, it was time to leave this lighthouse haven and head back to our beautiful assisted living facility, Bay Oaks Home.

Our thanks to our Administrator, Kathryn R. Kassner, who made this trip possible; to Sofie Geckler who organized it; to our staff member, Carmelo Cruz; and our guests, Dr. Morton Gaines and Luis Melo.

As always, it is a pleasure and a privilege being in the company of our Bay Oaks resident guests.

Love to all,
Greer-Ann Arjoon

Bay Oaks Resident Activity Corner, By Greer-Ann Arjoon

Resident Activity Corner


zoo_signOur Palm Beach Zoo Safari on May 8 was a spectacular event. It represented several continents of our mysterious world.

As we entered the park with its bath fountains, we saw kids and parents enjoying the cool water on this warm and sultry day, families enjoying our Floridian lifestyle.

From this focal point we entered the animal and nature kingdom; creatures in harmony with nature, the alluring beauty of exotic flowers, exotic_floraand beautiful butterflies as they flit from flower to flower.

As we walked it seemed as though each trail ended in a different part of the world. You could imagine yourself being in Thailand or Malaysia,

or the Philippines, or even in one of the West Indian Islands with its water fowl, alligators, otters, scarlet and white Ibis, and so many more exotic animals. As we left this trail the screeches of the peacocks high above in the canopy of trees wished us farewell. red-red-birds

After this trek we decided to stop at the Tropics Café for lunch and a well needed rest. Lunch consisted of hot dogs, chicken, fries, fish, burgers, and whatever else we desired. This was our watering hole, Tropics Café with its beautiful overhead décor and strange creatures. There were bats, dragons, and other strange exotic creatures on display.

lets_do_lunchAfter our lunch we entered the Australian Bush Country, the Outback with its red sands, emus, kangaroos, and joeys: if you listened closely on this walkabout you could hear the haunting sounds of the Aboriginal bamboo flutes calling to you. Heeelooo, Heeelooo, Staaay, Staay.

creatureWe left Downunder for the Harriet W. and George D. Cornell’s Tropics of Americas. This area is familiar to most Floridians. Our trek through the Amazonian like atmosphere had an excitement for the unknown. Here we saw jaguars, anteaters, deer, tapirs, and the gigantic rat like capibara as they lazed about in our Floridian sunshine.

jaguarOur Mexican trek, through the Mayan Pavilion with its ancient statues and haunting music, its caves and bats and creatures of the dark, with their Sun God, which we had quite a bit of that day, catapults us back to a time of Chieftains and Pyramids.

On yet another trail we find ourselves back in Asia. This tiger walk trek brought the jungles of India alive. This was a page out of Jungle Book. As we walked we saw the pugmarks of Mogli’s friend. This magnificent beast, to the delight of us all, paraded around his enclosure as though in a fashion show on his catwalk for all to see, enjoy, and respect.

Finally, our Safari came to an end. It was time to head back to our beautiful Bay Oaks on the bay.zoo_crew

Our thanks to Ms. Kathryn Kassner who made this beautiful and exciting trek possible.

Our thanks also to our guests and staff, Carmelo Cruz, Cheryll Johnson, Julie Weaver, Sophie Geckler, Lee-Anne Dougherty, Morton B. Gaines, James Moore, and Sawitree.

Most of all, we appreciated and enjoyed the company of our Bay Oaks Residents. It is always better at Bay Oaks, our beautiful assisted living facility.

On our next excursion on May 29th, our administrator suggests the beach; I know we’ll all be looking forward to this. Get thoses bath suits (yellow polka dot bikinis and all) out and ready for a fun day—picnic, fun, sand, water, and waves. Save some waves for me!

Love To All,