A Day at the Track

Thursday was Mr. Bill Warnke’s 90th birthday. His daughter Lisa visiting from out of town joined him and 7 other resident guests and 4 staff members in our Mercedes Benz Sprinter on a trip to one of his favorite places: Gulfstream Park. We spent a winning afternoon in the casino sharing in Mr. Warnke’s good fortune and luck.

Mr. Bill Warnke shared his birthday cake and favorite lunch of pizza with Bay Oaks resident guests and his daughter Lisa and brother Neal.

Bay Oaks goes Deli when the Deli comes to Bay Oaks

Restaurateur extraordinaire Josh Marcus brought a taste of his deli to Bay Oaks on his birthday yesterday.

His birthday tradition is to give back to the community, and we were the lucky recipients. Josh (left, below) and his friend Danny Serfer prepared the homemade mini-bagels with cured salmon and cream cheese. They also served pastrami on rye and macaroni salad.

Smiling Josh (517x640)


The event was even covered by the Miami Herald. The photo collage below is by Herald food editor Evan Benn. Here is a link to his article:  http://www.miamiherald.com/living/food-drink/article23137233.html 

Processed with Moldiv

Happy Birthday, Mr. McDougal!

Today, family and friends joined us for an early birthday celebration in honor of Mr. McDougal. In the morning, visiting friends brought gifts and gathered around in the living room. Later, his wife, Ann, son, Rob and daughter-in-law, Karen came for lunch. Everyone enjoyed a lunch of ravioli (his favorite), a delicious salad and an impressive ice cream cake procured from Carvel. Of course, the champagne was also flowing.

McDougal bday early smile

We’ll be celebrating the birthday all week because, why not? Happy Birthday, ‘Bud’!

Happy 100th Birthday, Madeline!

Happy 100th Birthday to our newest centenarian, Madeline Barton!


Madeline is among our most senior residents. Her sweet tooth is only matched by her sweet nature. Madeline remains active at 100; she is a regular at Trivia Tuesdays, Friday afternoon tea, Yoga, Chair Dancing… all of our regular activities. She is a lifelong volunteer and we are proud to serve her and all of our residents. Community support makes this possible.

Many friends came to join Madeline for her birthday party:


Madeline has a lot of friends. Some who could not make it sent a note. Here is one from President Obama and the First Lady!


Happy Halloween from Bay Oaks!

Today is a beautiful, sunny and cool day for celebrating Halloween at Bay Oaks! The halls and rooms have been decorated, pumpkins seem to be sprouting in the garden, and everyone is dressed up in costumes sweet and scary! So far, the most fun has been had in our first annual Staff Costume Contest.

Staff lined up for judging…
Little Miss Scruffy joined in as a Ladybug!
Costumes were handmade, simple, borrowed & elaborate…

But ultimately, it was up to the cheering residents to decide (by super secret ballot, no less!) And the winners were…

Flight Attendant (Kathy) & Little Red Riding Hood (Margo)

Congratulations! There are still more festivities (and candy, of course) to come into this evening but for now, from all of us at Bay Oaks: We wish you a fun, safe & all-dressed-up Hallo’s Eve!

Bay Oaks Goes Bowling for Mr. Esprit’s Birthday

Today, Bay Oaks residents and friends celebrated Mr. Esprit’s birthday with a party at the Lucky Strike Lanes on South Beach. Residents enjoyed delicious food, bottomless drinks and music as they played in teams for bowling glory.

Claude Esprit Bowls to Win!

Mrs. Morrison scored a spare and was so happy, she exclaimed, “Whoopie! I quit!”

Relaxing post-spare

Everyone appreciated the special bowling set-up provided for our equally adventurous but less physically able seniors. Here is Mrs. Rouse just before she hit a score of 6 point ahead of Volunteer Coordinator CB Gaines: “I’m going down in history!”

Everyone had a wonderful time and we are hoping to make this a regular excursion-