Election Day

Ms Blake Voting

Many resident guests were able to vote early thanks to Miami Dade Election officials supervised voting in our community room. We want to remind you that it is everyone’s civic duty to vote. People like Ms. Mary Alice Blake (above) served in the military during WWII to preserve and protect your right to vote. Don’t take it for granted.


Bay Oaks goes Deli when the Deli comes to Bay Oaks

Restaurateur extraordinaire Josh Marcus brought a taste of his deli to Bay Oaks on his birthday yesterday.

His birthday tradition is to give back to the community, and we were the lucky recipients. Josh (left, below) and his friend Danny Serfer prepared the homemade mini-bagels with cured salmon and cream cheese. They also served pastrami on rye and macaroni salad.

Smiling Josh (517x640)


The event was even covered by the Miami Herald. The photo collage below is by Herald food editor Evan Benn. Here is a link to his article:  http://www.miamiherald.com/living/food-drink/article23137233.html 

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Bay Oaks in The Miami Herald

Bay Oaks was featured in Monday’s Miami Herald Business section in an article about the Novaerus plasma technology system which we have in all our residents rooms and common areas. The devices not only keep residents and staff healthy but also maintain Bay Oaks as a premiere and unique assisted living facility in South Florida.

My View: Miami key in battle against ‘Superbugs’ – Business Monday – MiamiHerald.com.

Planning Ahead for Summer


At today’s monthly Town Hall Meeting, residents discussed their plans for Summer and what activities they are most excited about coming into June. This weekend, we celebrate the upcoming birth of our Registered Nurse Shashtika Guragain’s baby boy with a Baby Shower on Sunday!

Next week, we will be expanding our regular on-site salon services to include facials for interested resident guests.

In June, in addition to our regular shopping trips to Target and the Salvation Army, as well as an afternoon with lunch on the Miami River followed by a movie, we’ll be celebrating Mr. Esprit’s birthday at Lucky Strike Lanes this month! Mrs. Rouse told us stories of her days bowling during lunch breaks in college and Mr. Beller pointed out that he was once quite skilled in the bowling alley. We are all looking forward to this trip and hope to have enough family members, friends and volunteers so that we can play ‘teams’. Please contact CB if you can join us Thursday, June 21st!

We close with a ‘Happy Birthday, Arlene!‘ for Ms. Babigain, who celebrated “making it another year, smiling and laughing all the way through” with a Devil’s Food Cake covered in pink flowers of icing. Another sweet day here at Bay Oaks.

Special Early Voting Coming to Bay Oaks

Bay Oaks and the Miami-Dade Department of Elections have partnered to protect our resident guests’ right to vote easily and securely. 

This year, residents will have the opportunity to vote right here, under the supervision of an official Elections representative. This week, we are making sure that all eligible residents are registered to vote. Then, we will schedule special early voting days for both the August 14th primary and the November 6 General Election.
Learn more about how Miami-Dade County is protecting voter integrity here. Residents who choose to vote at the local precinct or by regular absentee are welcome to do so but we are happy to offer this option to our assisted living residents.

Let’s Not Confuse Assisted Living in Florida Any Longer

The Miami Herald’s recent series on Assisted Living Facilities in the State of Florida was highly commendable in purpose, but confused a number of very important and distinct aspects of ALFs. A short piece by Richard Grimes of the Assisted Living Federation of America, printed in today’s Herald, succeeds at differentiating between the private care that residences like Bay Oaks gives exclusively to seniors and that of state-funded facilities for the mentally ill.

“Assisted living” is most identified in the minds of the public (and in the law in other states) as a residential alternative to nursing homes for the elderly — not a catch-all for other populations — like the mentally ill. The care needs of a frail senior are much different than an individual with mental illness — often younger and more physically healthy. Yet, in Florida, unlike the vast majority of other states, the communities that provide care for the mentally ill are also licensed as “assisted living” just as those that provide care to frail seniors. This confuses the public.

We encourage you to read the whole article here.