Election Day

Ms Blake Voting

Many resident guests were able to vote early thanks to Miami Dade Election officials supervised voting in our community room. We want to remind you that it is everyone’s civic duty to vote. People like Ms. Mary Alice Blake (above) served in the military during WWII to preserve and protect your right to vote. Don’t take it for granted.

A Day at the Track

Thursday was Mr. Bill Warnke’s 90th birthday. His daughter Lisa visiting from out of town joined him and 7 other resident guests and 4 staff members in our Mercedes Benz Sprinter on a trip to one of his favorite places: Gulfstream Park. We spent a winning afternoon in the casino sharing in Mr. Warnke’s good fortune and luck.

Mr. Bill Warnke shared his birthday cake and favorite lunch of pizza with Bay Oaks resident guests and his daughter Lisa and brother Neal.

Board and CEO accept plaque to commemorate Historic Designation

In the middle of lunch on Friday, August 19th, James Moore and the Bay Oaks Board surprised CEO Kathryn Kassner with a plaque to commemorate Bay Oaks historic designation granted by the City of Miami.



Board with plaque
Board members Susan Fleming, President Dr. Judith Siskind, Kathryn Moore, and Anna Blackman with Bay Oaks CEO Kathryn Kassner (center.)

The plaque was shown to all the residents who were very impressed by the honor of the designation and the meaning behind it: the continued protected status of Bay Oaks.

James Moore shows plaque to resident and former City Council member Francis A. “MIke” Calhoun.

Tai Chi Class at capacity

Tai Chi in 411 5-28-15 (640x314)

Our newest residents, Ms. Blake and Mr. Calhoun (seated by left window), raising the roof for Tai Chi!

Instructor Judd Zisquit leads our resident guests in Tai Chi two times a week pictured above in the 411 House and below in the fresh air and sunshine outside the Summer House.

IMG_8648 (613x640) Ms Morrison and Meyer (379x640)

Bay Oaks’ Newest Resident: Goody Dog!

We are happy to introduce, Goody! Goody Dog comes to Bay Oaks Retirement Residence frGoody dog collageom a local shelter. Part Corgi, part Terrier (and part ?), she has in no time won the hearts of our residents.

Bay Oaks is proud to be Miami’s best assisted living facility. We have been a proud home for legends of local and international history and a sanctuary for native wildlife for over 67 years. Bay Oaks is indebted to Tom Rodger, son a of former resident, who created “The Princess Fund” in his mother’s memory. This fund insures that future care of our residents’ beloved pets, including our rescue dogs, chickens, butterflies and parrots.

Meet the other beneficiaries of The Princess Fund here.

Calling All Bird Watchers: It’s a Whip-poor-whill!

Welcome Bay Oaks’ newest resident, a whip-poor-will ! We found her early this morning in one of the Orchard trees. We have been trying to capture her in a photograph, without luck. They are nocturnal creatures, after all.
Still, she was seen and identified by her song, as well as her unique coloring and small size.
It’s a joy to be safe, natural haven for local wildlife, as well as the “Oaksters.” Our thanks to all who support this unique historic retirement residence.