New Study Shows Why Bay Oaks-Style Retirement Best for Seniors

Recent studies verify what we already know to be true, the key to living a long, healthy senior life is getting out of the house, frequent socializing and walking throughout the day.

(Reuters Health) – For study participants in their 70s, 80s and 90s, the frequency with which they left the house predicted how likely they were to make it to the next age milestone, researchers report in Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

“We saw similar benefits that you’d expect from treating blood pressure or cholesterol with medicine,” Jacobs said. “Social factors are important in the process of aging.”

Bay Oaks encourages making the most of senior living in Miami in a number of ways.

Situated on a four-acre campus in Miami’s central Edgewater neighborhood, residents are both directly and indirectly encouraged to interact with each other and to explore the grounds throughout the day.

Meals are served in the dining room, motivating a walk and social interaction across the table at least three times daily. Regular activities engaging the mind and the body take place in the living room, the Summer House, the orchard, and “the 411 House.” Additionally, afternoon walks down to the Bayfront to watch the Miami sunset and regular excursions off campus provide even more opportunities for conversation, exercise, and experiences outside of the routine.

At their leisure, residents enjoy walks through the orchard, sitting outside by the Summer House or in the front garden, picking out a book in one of our two libraries, and visiting the salon for a manicure, massage or hair appointment. Some afternoons are just too perfect not to take a few residents out in ‘Tish’s Taxi’ to see the latest street art in Wynwood or take a bayside walk at nearby Morningside Park.

Click for video of ‘Tish’s Taxi’!

This year, we plan on revisiting some of our favorite museums and other destinations, including the Palm Beach Zoo, Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor in Broward and the beaches at Key Biscayne. We’ll be sure to catch a few movies and live shows, and a few residents are planning on starting a Mah Jongg club (adding to regular meetups here for Blackjack and Poker, Checkers and Chess, and Billiards/Pool.)

Anticipating the first Downtown Miami to Palm Beach rail connection, Bay Oaks resident guests are looking forward to taking the new Brightline train to Palm Beach to visit historical and art museums in the area. We plan ahead but are always open to new ideas and excursions at the pleasure of our residents.

Wherever you choose to retire, Reuters Health (and all of us at Bay Oaks) encourage you to make a commitment to leaving the house every day and meeting up regularly with friends, both old and new.

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  1. Sharing this! Love the photos

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