Celebrating Sharon

Sharon Lucas, Senior CNA at Bay Oaks, has been serving our residents since 1990. She is truly a pillar of our community and a trusted colleague, mentor, and friend to everyone who works here.


Sharon was born and raised in Miami. She worked in hotels prior to receiving her certification as a nursing assistant and coming to Bay Oaks. She will tell you that she loves working here because it is like a home away from home, and because the residents uplift her spirit everyday. She uplifts our spirits, too.

Twenty-seven years on, she is now the longest serving member of our community – more than the Administrator or any board member. The Bay Oaks motto is: “It is a privilege to be of service” – and it is a privilege to serve with you, Sharon. Thank you for all you do to make life a little sweeter and a whole lot smoother for everyone at Bay Oaks.


3 thoughts on “Celebrating Sharon

  1. Linda Cicero says:

    Sharon is such a treasure, always spreading warmth and cheer. She epitomizes what Bay Oaks is all about. You go, woman!

  2. Mary Weden says:

    My mom and I will always remember and be thankful for the love, kindness, and attention Sharon showered on Mom when Mom was a resident of Bay Oaks. She’s truly a gem! Congratulations, Sharon; keep on loving!!

  3. Madellyn R says:

    Yay Sharon!!! Give praise where praise is due!!! I love her, she makes anyone laugh and cheers everyone up even on their “bad day”. Her laugh is contagious.

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