Bay Oaks ~ Remembering & Sharing Our Residents’ Stories

Beginning in June, at 3pm on Tuesdays (after Trivia Tuesdays), Bay Oaks will be organizing Remembering: Writing Our Histories. Residents are encouraged to come and share stories of their lives. After several weeks of regular participation, the resident will receive a typed booklet with their life in stories, questions & answers in their own words, and any scanned pictures they wish to include.

Bay Oaks residents have lived all over the world, spoken dozens of languages and contributed to world history in many ways. Among them are several recipients of the Purple Heart, a Tuskeegee Airman, the personal aide to General Eisenhower during WWII, a princess of France, writers, doctors, college professors, a waiter at Joe’s Stone Crab, a lifeguard at the Biltmore Hotel, a Florida State senator, interior designers, musicians, a professional dogtrainer, registered nurses, a hat designer, the first woman to receive a doctorate from the University of Chicago, pilots (including a NOAA Hurricane Hunter pilot), artists, world travelers and many others.

We are proud to help them put their stories to paper and to be stewards of their memories into the future. If you are available to volunteer with us for this on Tuesdays, please contact CB Gaines at 305.573.4337. Thank you.

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