Today’s Special: Homemade Calomondin Marmalade

Everyone at Bay Oaks benefits from the exceptional food served by our three professional chefs – but sometimes, it is the simple homebaked goods that really make a meal. This morning’s breakfast featured special culinary gift from Bay Oaks friend Nancy Williams – homemade marmalade of local calomondin trees!


Calomondins are small citrus fruits that grow all over the world and are sometimes called ‘golden limes’. They have sweet skin and a more sour flesh and they can be eaten whole. Rich in Vitamin C – and flavors – calomondins are featured in a number of Old Florida dishes, as residents were quick to remind us this morning.

Mrs. Tucci broke out in Italian upon tasting them: “Che belle sapore!”

Mr. Esprit could not get enough, asking for seconds and thirds to top his croissant.

It was truly a hit – now we just need to get the recipe from Ms. Williams! Our thanks to her and to everyone who regularly donates fresh and homemade food to Bay Oaks – Like Mrs. Lucas, Claire Tomlin from The Market Company and others.

Culinary gifts in the past year have included a stone crab lunch, several baked goods, fresh-caught Florida snapper, lots of produce from friends’ gardens and, of course, chocolates!


1 thought on “Today’s Special: Homemade Calomondin Marmalade

  1. Oh yes, please share the recipe!

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