Celebrating The Summer House

Bay Oaks is proud to unveil the restored building on the north side of our grounds: The Summer House.

With prosecco and moonpies, chilled iced tea and cupcakes, friends and residents, we celebrated The Summer House. Soon, we will be able to welcome day guests as well as residents to enjoy the new Yoga space, Game Room and Library.

The new space for yoga, strength training, dancing and Wii
Bay Oaks Supporters & Friends Join Us on the Terrace

Residents and a Friend in the future Game Room
An ideal place for enjoying the Bay breezes and catching up with friends
Even the restroom has the Bay Oaks Touch!
Light streaming into the kitchen at The Summer House

Many Bay Oaks residents receive family and friends from out of town. Soon, these guests may be able to stay at the Bay Oaks Guest Cottage.

The Guest Cottage will welcome visiting family members and friends

The Bay Oaks Summer House is made possible with the support of the Miami-Dade County Commission and Commissioner Audrey Edmonson, the City of Miami Commission – with special thanks to our District Commissioner Marc Sarnoff who also attended the Opening, the hard work of Bay Oaks staff and volunteers, and several private donors.

We believe that all seniors deserve the best possible care in a most beautiful place. We are proud of Bay Oaks and welcome you to schedule a tour of the Summer House soon!


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