“A(nother) Special Friday”

Fridays at Bay Oaks are always occasions to celebrate, thanks to Bay Oaks longtime volunteer, Mr. Ray Kessler.

Pianist and volunteer Ray Kessler plays festive classics

Ray first came to Bay Oaks when he was working with Carnival Cruise Lines as part of an all-employee community volunteer group. Retiring from his career with the company did not, however, mean retiring from service to our community. Ray now comes every Friday and for additional special events to spend time with the residents and provide them and their guests with live music. His talents on the piano and his wonderful, compassionate, fun personality have made him truly beloved to us all, particularly the residents.

We are honored to share with you our ‘Poetess-in-Residence,’ Mrs. Bertha Fisher‘s latest poem, a tribute to Mr. Ray Kessler.

“A Special Friday”

Each Friday Is a Day to Treasure,-

When a Fine Pianist Gives Much Pleasure;

Fond Memories, His Music Does Bring, –

The Familiar Songs Encourage to Sing,

My Heart-felt Thanks to This Dear Gent,’

For Whom this Poem is Truly Meant.

 Thank you, Ray, for all you do! 


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