Shark Valley & BBQ!

Residents toured Shark Valley in the Everglades this morning, before lunch at The Pit Bar-B-Q. It was a hugely popular affair for residents, their friends, staff and volunteers.

The weather was nice – “not too hot” and there was a nice breeze in the Everglades. Mrs. Chaucer was taken with the birds, always seeming to be the first to spot a new one in the trees or grazing the water.

Dr. Gaines brought his nephew, visiting from out of town, and they  particularly loved lunch: “EXCELLENT food! Plenty of it and great service, too.” Mrs. Wright brought her niece and Mr. Esprit brought a friend, with whom he can’t stop raving about the chili cheese dogs!

It was fun change of pace and a special opportunity to connect with nature at the Everglades National Park. Most of us took the tour by tram but a couple walked the trail. Everyone had a great time and we hope to do it again in the Fall.

Pictures from CB Gaines, Bay Oaks’ Event Coordinator Extraordinaire! Thank you, CB!

1 thought on “Shark Valley & BBQ!

  1. Toronto Retirement Homes May 3, 2011 — 8:22 am

    Nice pictures. Seniors are having fun outdoor as well as indoor. Outing is a best way to make them feel healthy. Keep up the great work.

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