“The Melting Pot” – A Poem for Madelyn

Bay Oaks’ residents come from all over the world. Many came to the United States as children – traveling through Ellis Island. They will tell you of their travels, of childhoods in France, England, Germany or elsewhere. Other residents grew up in the Midwest or Canada, coming to Miami on holidays that became lifetimes. Still others were born and raised here. They all have wonderful stories to tell – of lives well lived and adventures decades past and yet to come. Two residents were talking about this over lunch the other day, inspiring our Poetess in Residence, Mrs. Bertha Fisher, to write this poem:

“The Melting Pot” – a Poem for Madelyn

Folks who escaped, A Land of Tyranny, –

Arrive in America, The Land of Liberty,

Every Race, Color and Creed, Come Regularly, –

For a Better Way of Life, Thankfully!


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