Dr. Gaines, Volunteer & Resident

Dr. Gaines and Dash in the Butterfly Garden amidst the roses

The charm of Bay Oaks comes from the musical calls of parrots, the smell of fresh-baked pies mingling with the scents of fresh flowers in the bay breeze and, of course, the people that live, work and volunteer here.

Dr. Gaines first came to Bay Oaks a few years ago to volunteer in the orchard and butterfly gardens, something he still does today as a resident.

We sat down with him (and Dash) and asked him a few questions. Here are some of the highlights:

Favorite things? “Gardening! I just love to stay outdoors and fight with nature,” he says with a laugh. “The flowers keep coming and I keep happy.”

What do you want the world to know about Bay Oaks? “I’m just happy being here.  My experience in practice [as a podiatrist], I went regularly to old age homes so I got to know them fairly well. And this place is just – No comparison. Bay Oaks, it’s just a gem. And the people who work here just do a wonderful job. I’m very happy.”

Message for the blogosphere? “I’m available!”

We’re so fortunate to have Dr. Gaines in our community. He has many more stories to share and invites you to visit Bay Oaks and see this wonderful place that we call home for yourself.


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