Resident Activity Corner by Greer-Ann Arjoon

Cracker Barrel Trip – October 27, 2009

Mrs. Kassner, Dr. Gaines, and Mrs. Rouse
Mrs. Kassner, Dr. Gaines, and Mrs. Rouse

On Friday, October 27th 2009, our Bay Oaks group went on another fantastic adventure to Cracker Barrel.

As we left Bay Oaks, we drove via I-95 onto the scenic northern highway I-75 to Cracker Barrel. As we traveled north we passed the beautiful Amelia Earhart Park with its beautiful lakes and tree-lined roadways.

Our drive north was smooth and lively; we were all so busy chatting and admiring new buildings with their cultured gardens and flowers as they swayed in the gentle South Florida breezes.

As we approached our exit and pulled up to the Cracker Barrel Country Store, an “oooh” was heard on the bus. There it is! And the excitement bubbled over. We couldn’t get there fast enough, as we had to circle around from the highway to the service road that led to the Cracker Barrel.

As we pulled into the parking lot there was a fire rescue truck with its sirens blaring. This was part of the Halloween extravaganza. Halloween costumed figures and revelers fill the parking lot in front of this beautiful country store, and we were in the middle of it all. We couldn’t leave the bus fast enough to be part of this exciting Halloween carnival.

Greer Arjoon and Mrs. Barton
Greer Arjoon and Mrs. Barton

Cracker Barrel, with its old country architecture, the open verandas lined with rockers, and an ancient crank-up washing machine, gave us a welcome befitting of pioneer royalty. Some of us were contented to sit on the veranda as we waited to be seated for lunch and enjoy the costumed figures as they walked in and out of the store. Others wanted to start shopping before lunch.

As we entered this down-home country store with its aromatic scents of spices and cinnamon, sweet confections, and good old country cooking, we became instantly hungry! Luckily for us, our activity leader, CB Gaines, had prepared a list of the residents’ menu choices for the maitre d’ in advance while organizing this Halloween trip. Some of us had chicken and dumplings, while others enjoyed hamburgers and fries, or fish and shrimp with fries, root beer and soft drinks.

As we lunched and chatted in soft tones, Loretta Lynn sang her famous coal miner’s daughter classic, “A Classic of Classics.” We gazed around remarking on the cars of the bygone eras and old movie stars, such as John Wayne, Betty Davis, Shirley Winters, James Dean, to name a few.

After lunch some of us decided to finish up with our shopping. There were beautiful country quilts, hunting hats, embroidered jackets and shirts, beautiful hand-painted pottery and dainty embroidered kids clothing.

As we left this down-home country store, I envisioned the pioneers sitting on their open veranda, just like we were at the Cracker Barrel, watching the sunset as their ponies romped playfully on the prairies.

We left Cracker Barrel, full and contented to be a part of Bay Oaks Assisted Living Facility, where we can always expect new and exciting adventures one after another.

Our thanks to Bay Oaks President Kathryn Kassner for all she does to ensure our continued high service and standards to our residents, to Dr. Julie Weaver for her help in web design, Connie Johnson for her typing and editing skills, to our activity leader, CB Gaines, for coordinating events, and to our staff members and volunteers: Carmelo Cruz, Debbie King, Sharon Lucas, and Dr. Morton Gaines. As always, it’s a pleasure and privilege being in the company of our Bay Oaks residents and guests.

Love to all,

Greer-Ann Arjoon

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