Resident Activity Corner – August 14, 2009

Our trip to the Bill Baggs State Park on Cape Florida on Friday, August 14th was an unexpected thrill for us all.

Bay Oaks Home resident guests out for a bike ride
Bay Oaks Home resident guests out for a bike ride

The day was a bit hot, yet windy at the Lighthouse Point, which was our starting point of this adventure.

Our trip organizer, Sofie Geckler, rented four (4)-four passenger canopy bikes for our winding journey under the canopy of trees.

This beautiful, well-designed park has entertainment for young, old and everyone else in between.  As we journeyed along the winding tree-lined paths, we encountered other adventurers fishing on piers overlooking the bay.  This beautiful, tranquil scenery with its glass-like lapping waters and blue skies make us proud and happy to be a part of South Florida.

Further on, we came to the Seafood Grill Restaurant and stopped for lunch and much needed rest and relaxation on the veranda overlooking the bay.  The veranda with its overhead fans was a scene from the pages of South Florida Heaven.

As we ate, some of the group wished they had brought along their bathing suits for a quick dip, to cool off from the summer heat. 

Bay Oaks Home resident guests out for lunch
Bay Oaks Home resident guests out for lunch

Finally, it was time to leave this lighthouse haven and head back to our beautiful assisted living facility, Bay Oaks Home.

Our thanks to our Administrator, Kathryn R. Kassner, who made this trip possible; to Sofie Geckler who organized it; to our staff member, Carmelo Cruz; and our guests, Dr. Morton Gaines and Luis Melo.

As always, it is a pleasure and a privilege being in the company of our Bay Oaks resident guests.

Love to all,
Greer-Ann Arjoon


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